Event Tip of the Month.....

"When you are planning an event, check out local activities in the area that would cause your guests to be late such as a sporting event, on going construction, local parades or mass transit being on a holiday schedule. Knowing that these events will occur on the day of your event, gives you and your guests time to plan ahead."

A Family Reunion

We had the pleasure in July to assist our client for their first annual family reunion in their backyard, luckily the day was picture perfect. They wanted something simple, clean and fresh. It was 4th of July weekend, so we kept true to the red, white and blue.  They had large oak trees so we created our own version of a live "family tree". We hung frames of the family around the trees and placed red and white checkered ribbon (to match our tablecloths). It was such a great conversation piece, all family members laughed, cried and a few were surprised.   We also saved lots of money using the owner's hydrangeas for their centerpieces, we just purchased the mason jars and it looked crisp and clean!

Rock'n 4 Autism Awareness - Hoboken, NJ

Party by Definition, LLC participated in the Rock'n 4 Autism Awareness Event in 
Hoboken, NJ and what a success it was! The event was pumping with great music from the Fuzzy Lemons, delicious Italian ices from Rita's and many local businesses that donated to such a good cause. We occupied the creative tables with face painting and tattooing for many kids, it was great day being part of this event and the community! Party by Definition, LLC is always taking out time to participate in local events to assist our local communities. We strongly feel we are in community each time we find a place where we belong.
   ASAT is committed to improving the education, treatment, and care of people with Autism. Many treatments are too quickly adopted by professionals, too readily sensationalized by the media, and too hastily embraced by hopeful consumers in the absence of support for their effectiveness or safety. ASAT provides free information via their website and a quarterly newsletter, Science in Autism Treatment, for all interested individuals. Please visit them at 

What defines a candle ceremony candelabra?

We have gotten requests with real flowers, some moss, a few butterflies, feathers and even real insects on them!! (of course that was a garden party Sweet Sixteen)
Party by Definition makes custom candelabras with a theme or for a simple event.
The candle ceremony is a common tradition which shows much appreciation to those who are important in your life.  We put much thought in personalizing these candelabras because it's the center of attention when the birthday girl announces their special person in their life.
Each of the 16 candles holds a special meaning: 
The first candle is for the parents...
The second candle is for the siblings. (If there are no siblings, then this candle can represent the grandparents.)
Candle 3, 4, 5, and 6 are for the rest of the family members....
Candle 7,8,9,10,11,12,13, and 14 are for friends.
Candle 15 is for the best friend of friends.
Candle 16 is for a significant person such as a best friend.
Some add a 17th candle which represents good luck...
If there is a need for a personalized candelabra, feel free to contact us for a design concept and pricing.  We will let YOU define what a candelabra should look like.

What's your Definition of a PARTY?

Thank you for visiting our new blog, our new addition to our website;

When we look up the word “par• ty” in most dictionaries, it usually states:
A number of persons invited to a social entertainment; a select company; as, a dinner party; also, the entertainment itself; as, to give a party.
“What’s your definition of a party?”

Many of us have a vision of a party which we would like to have,
such as a crazy theme, a unique venue or uncommon décor but
you don’t know where to begin??!!
Party of Definition, LLC was launched to serve those who are
 in need of event coordination for special & corporate events.
We have an eye for details, we are a hands-on team
(of course with the assistance of our preferred vendors)
and  we are devoted to our clients from day one till the
last minute of the event (but we are guilty of establishing an
 everlasting friendship).

Our blog will keep you posted on fresh ideas for your next event
 or you can just hire us :)